12.5 minute Elden Ring speedrun record skips all but one boss

(Image credit: Mitchriz)

With extremely specific character positioning and a PC that’s able to maintain a framerate stable enough to make the glitch possible, he was able to propel his character directly onto the steps before the final fog door in the game. Instead of walking through it, he performed another zip that sent him to the edge of the map, which ended the final boss battle before it even began, granting him the bosses’ Remembrance and the final cutscene—which he skips, of course.

It’s ridiculously fast, faster than the current world records for Dark Souls (21 minutes), Dark Souls 2 (14 minutes), and Dark Souls 3 (31 minutes). But the 12 minute run doesn’t seem close to the end for Elden Ring speedruns. In this very run, Mitchriz discusses a potential way to bypass the initial seven minutes of setup with a mega zip and a series of zips afterward to kill the remaining two bosses. A zip-only run, if you will. Who needs the horse?

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