One of our favorite 1TB NVMe SSDs is back on sale

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Another day, another deal on a super fast SSD. Amazon has a returning deal on a Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe SSD for $159 (opens in new tab), which makes for a pretty inexpensive upgrade to your gaming rig considering the impact it’ll have if you’re still stuck with an old hard drive, or are constantly deleting things to free up space on your current SSD.

This isn’t the cheapest we’ve seen this drive, though. A couple months ago it was on sale for $10 cheaper, but they sold out pretty quickly. If you missed out them you’ve got a better chance this time. And now that GPUs seem to be coming back in stock, now is a good time to consider putting together that high-end PC build (opens in new tab). 

We liked the performance of the 500GB model of the 980 Pro SSD in our review last year, but felt it was pricey. It’s a fast drive despite being over two years old and it can still hang with some of the newer NVMe SSDs out there. 

The $70 discount makes the 980 Pro a really good and cheap PCIe 4.0 SSD that is also backward compatible with PCIe 3.0 motherboards. Like last time, Amazon also has 500GB (opens in new tab) ($110) and 2TB versions (opens in new tab) ($290) of the same SSD on sale, though they’re also not as cheap as they were back in February. 

Samsung 980 Pro NVMe 1TB |PCIe 4.0 | 3500MB/s read | 3450MB/s write | (opens in new tab)

Samsung 980 Pro NVMe 1TB |PCIe 4.0 | 3500MB/s read | 3450MB/s write | $229 $159 at Amazon (save $70) (opens in new tab)
The Samsung SSD 980 Pro is a wildly fast SSD that’ll decrease loading times in this year’s biggest games like Elden Ring and Dying Light 2.

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For more, check out our best NVMe SSDs page (opens in new tab) and see how the 980 Pro stacks up against our favorites.  

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